...... 6 of the most spectacular structures ever built - Frog in Well

Panama Canal

The 99-year-old Panama Canal is being upgraded to cater for the increasing weight of the world’s merchant shipping fleet. Is due to be complete in 2014, 8 years after construction was approved.

The move will ensure the canal can cater to the larger vessels that are now used by the world’s large shipping companies. The $5.25 billion project will add three 1,400-foot-long, 180 foot wide and 60-foot-deep locks to each end of the 51-mile aquatic passageway that links the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Beijing International Airport

Bejing International Airport

This airport has eight runways and can cater for 130 million passengers every year. Come 2017, it will be the world’s biggest and busiest airport (although Istanbul has said they are opening an airport that will hold 150 million people per year when it opens in 2018).
In 2011, the Chinese government announced plans to increase the total number of airports in the country from 175 to 230 by 2015 to cope with demand, this is to keep up with China’s booming economy.

Etihad Rail Network

The 1,200 kilometre Etihad Rail network extends across the desert hinterland of the United Arab Emirates, bordering Saudi Arabia.
There is going to be an $11 billion rail network in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates with passenger trains. The ambition is to connect Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar.

Hyderabad Metro

Towering over southern India, this metro to be complete in 2017, is set to provide daily transport for up to 1.7 million residents. It is hopefully going to clear up road traffic, with 72 kilometres of elevated track, and stations every one kilometre.

Developers say that the track will not only clear up roads, but prevent the pollution of bus and car journeys.

London Crossrail

London’s Crossrail project goes beneath the busy streets of the city and suburbs in a $23 billion development. It will connect the East and West of London to Heathrow Airport, central London and surrounding suburbs.
Work began in 2009 and the train could be ready in 2018 if all goes to plan, a massive 8000 people are involved in the project.

NTC Bridge

$950 million will be spent on the New International Trade Crossing Bridge, connecting Ontario, Canada to Detroit, Michigan in the U.S.
The aim is to increase commerce capacity, reduce traffic bottlenecks and improve opportunities for businesses in both countries.