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We here at Frog in Well defy you not to take a trip to Australia – as the country is beautiful, funny and brimming with energy. From the moment you touch down, you will fall in love with the laid back people, the stunning beaches and the fantastic culture that awaits you.

The heat might be a little intense at times, but it can also be glorious – just stock up on plenty of sun factor and you’re good to go. Offering the warmth of England, commercial factor of the USA and the drinking style of Ireland, it’s hard not to want to up sticks and move to this wonderful nation, which will embrace you with open arms (as long as you pass their point system, a fair bit of cash and have a job in place to sponsor you).

The Aussies don’t take themselves too seriously, so it is a great place to visit either on holiday or a backpacking adventure. Sydney is a great place to start, but we recommend moving across the country to get a feel for Australia, as Cairns is a highlight.

What I love about Australia is that you’re bound to run into some like-minded travellers along the way, as so many people start and finish their travelling journey here – so you’ll never have to feel alone if you’re a solo traveller, as there will always be someone to share some goon with on your adventure. If you don’t know what goon is, you’re missing out.

Follow Frog in Well on my journey across Australia, as you can discover the many sights and sounds before a big adventure or to take you right back to your last trip.

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