...... Canada: The Most Beautiful Country in the World - Frog in Well
I challenge you to find a more beautiful nation than Canada. Offering rolling mountains, wonderful waterfalls, and vast lakes, the country is simply mesmerising. Forget camera filters and Photoshop, because Canada does not need it.
If you are a fan of breath-taking scenery, Canada is the place for you. You can spend forever soaking up the country’s open landscapes, and you might even spot a moose, whale or bear along the way. You have not lived until you have stood on a mountain overlooking the magnificent Moraine Lake on a leisurely Saturday afternoon. The crystal clear waters were only complemented by the thick white fog that descended onto the city’s sky. It felt as though the rain could storm down onto us at any moment, but we did not care, because we were experiencing nature at its finest and realised it was a moment, a view and a city that we must appreciate in the here and now.
In addition to visiting Moraine Lake, I also paid a visit to Drumheller, which is the Dinosaur Capital of the World. Yes, I said dinosaurs! It is basically a town located within the Red Deer River valley – and it’s here you will find the World’s Largest Dinosaur, which is just a model Tyrannosaurus rex. It’s pretty impressive! You can also visit the Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology that offers the largest collection of dinosaur fossils.
Travelling has offered a number of standout moments, but nothing has entertained me quite as much as the Calgary Stampede, which is about 100 years old. It’s one of the biggest rodeo shows in the world, offering everything from bucking broncos, barrel racing and, of course, bull riding. The best thing about the whole event is the atmosphere, as everyone in the crowd is here just to have a good time and watch some good ol’ fashioned rodeo. Just make sure you take your cowboy hat or you’ll look out of place.
I find it amazing how few travellers actually want to visit Canada, because it is, in a word, magnificent. So, if you are looking for a country to add to your bucket list, this is it. Trust me.