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Various architectural marvels of Hungary, though less exposed to Indians, can be considered at par with the structures of the French capital and it’s no exaggeration when someone calls its capital Budapest the ‘Paris of the East’. Buda Castle, declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, redefines the term ‘majestic’ and the history lover in you must include the site in your Europe package. The symmetrical layout of the castle makes it face the River Danube and at the shore of the river presents such majestic vista for a viewer that he would love to consider himself as a monarch looking at his majestic vision. Buzogany Tower and South Tower of the castle are also the places you must see on your Europe tour.

Sopron is another Hungarian destination that deserves inclusion in your Europe tour package as it is home to some of the best architectural marvels that are preserved well. The place is just sixty-four kilometres from Vienna, the Austrian capital and you can even make a day trip to the place while keeping your base in Vienna. The history lover in you may take more time to explore the place as the number of officially listed monuments is also quite high and the collection is among the largest in Europe. Eger Castle is another delightful structure that would make you feel the old world charm. Steeped in history, the place would transform you in the sixteenth century and every nook and cranny of the place would tell you the vision with which it was built. You must think of exploring such unexplored gems and include them in your Europe holiday package.

The Cathedral of St. Peter in Pecs would take you on a journey of different cultures at one place. The cathedral possesses many religious artifacts and the study of Hungarian history would be incomplete without visiting the place. The amalgamation of different cultures is so apparent at the place that you would find the Mosque of Yakovali Hassan Pasha very close to the cathedral. Another Hungarian historical landmark that you must see is Visegrad Royal Palace in the Danube Bend. About forty kilometres from Budapest, you can explore the palace in a single day trip and more than the palace, the view it presents is mesmerizing. It’s a joy to watch the Danube from the palace.

Castles and various other heritage structures tell us the joy and tribulations of our forefathers and we must make it a point to explore the structures to understand our history. As for planning your heritage tour, SOTC stands firmly with you.