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Education is more than just sitting behind a desk reading about World War II or becoming absorbed in Wuthering Heights. To truly appreciate the arts or remember the historic events that came before us, we must travel, we must explore and we must experience.

Whether you are attempting to educate a child or are an adult wanting brush up on your knowledge, you should find new and exciting ways to learn about fiction or history. Look back to your childhood education; you probably remember the school days when you visited to a museum or went on a field trip. Whether you realise it or not, those trips probably helped facts absorb in your brain – and this doesn’t change as we become older.

To truly appreciate literature and history, you must step outside the comfort zone of a book and experience the stories for yourself. Visit the sites of the tale, or simply find a new way to ensure the information never leaves your brain. Here are some remarkable places you can visit…

The Globe Theatre

Globe thatre show

When you think of great literary stories, William Shakespeare is probably one of the first writers that springs to mind. Many believe that Shakespeare penned every type of story – and that even the most modern tales are based on his works. Whether you believe that or not, The Globe Theatre in London is a must. You will witness exceptional thespians performing classic Shakespearean plays in his own theatre – an experience for both literature and history lovers that they’ll never forget!

30 James Street

30 james street entrance

The tragic sinking of RMS Titanic is still remembered even over 100 years later, as more than 1,500 people died when the vessel struck an iceberg on 14th April 1912. It is a story still told in history classes all over this world to this very day, and the night has been depicted both onscreen and on paper.

Anyone who would like to know more about the history and literature surrounding the ship, including the passengers aboard, should visit 30 James Street- a new Titanic themed hotel that’s based in Albion House, Liverpool, which was once the White Star Line’s headquarters and the building the vessel was registered to. A truly relaxing, informative hotel experience that pays a tribute to both the victims and survivors of the ship.

Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories offers a funny take on historic events and characters. Actors bring to life famous historical figures, such as Henry VIII and Julius Caesar, dressing up in period dress and singing and acting. Touring across the UK, it’s a fantastic way for children to learn more about history whilst having fun.

The Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is a museum in Amsterdam that’s dedicated to the wartime diarist Anne Frank. You can enter the home where the young Jewish girl wrote about her experiences hiding during German occupation in World War II. In the diary, Anne wrote about her relationships with many of her family members until the family’s arrest on 1st August 1944. The house opened for the public on 3rd May 1960 and is a tribute to the history and literature penned behind those walls.