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We all deserve a holiday at least once a year. Having kids can make things rather complicated and expensive when trying to find somewhere that all the family will enjoy. Many of the glossy magazines and tourist sites concentrate of glamorous locations for couples or those who have a lot of money to spare on holidaying a few times a year. Prices shoot up during the school holidays and half terms and it doesn’t seem fair that this can mean many miss out on the summer holiday that they deserve.

Here are some tips on saving money and budgeting on that all-important holiday:

Book very early or last minute

This is a great tip. Many people book their summer holidays right after Christmas, almost to banish the post-Christmas celebration blues. The travel companies know this, and will therefore hike up the cost of your week or two in the sun. Waiting until the last minute is the best bet, book the time off work early and then wait for the discounted deals to come to you. Did you know that booking six weeks before you go away is the cheapest time to do so? Also, Tuesdays are always the cheapest days to book your holiday on, we are not sure why, but it’s true!

If you enjoyed it, go back!

Many will argue that they want to try somewhere new every time they holiday, however family holidays are all about relaxing and spending time together. If you loved the destination and the hotel you stayed at last year, why not go back? Often hotel owners will do good deals for those who are regular visitors, and booking through them, rather than a travel agent can get you good rates.

Avoid eating out so much

This may sound shockingly obvious, but eating out all the time for a large family abroad is expensive! Why not buy a throw away barbeque hand let everyone chip in with the cooking and laying the table? Taking a few nights a week out from going to restaurants will save you a pretty penny and you won’t even need to worry about taxi fares!

Keep it short haul

Don’t travel on the aeroplane for more than about four hours and you will get yourself some amazing deals on flights from the budget airlines such as Ryan Air and Easy Jet. You can often book early with these companies bit they also have tons of last minute flight available. Make sure you look up the hidden charges, such as luggage and the printing of boarding passes. Just print your own and calm down on the amount of luggage you take, you never wear it all anyway.