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When planning to take a holiday or travel, there are different options to consider with regards to your family pet. You can leave the pet in the care of your neighbours or engage kennel services. While these options are necessary for some situation, they can be stressful for both you and your special companion, especially if the pet is canine. Therefore, you should consider taking pet friendly holidays for optimal enjoyment, visit this site to find some of the best pet friendly hotels.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you prepare for a holiday with your dog:

Book Accommodation Early

The right accommodation is essential when travelling with your canine pet. Therefore, you should carry out your research on dog friendly holidays in the area that you are planning to visit. This will help you identify ideal accommodation spots. In general, there are hotels in the UK that have a strict no-pets policy. However, there are also numerous alternatives which support guests who want to stay with their pets. When booking a room in dog friendly holidays UK hotels, you should mention that you will be travelling with your pet. This will eliminate confusion and stress when you arrive.

Bring Familiar Sleeping Supplies

You should consider bringing some of the supplies that the dog uses in your home. Typically, holidays are full of excitement for canine pets because the environment is unfamiliar. Moreover, there are new smells and noises which can cause the dog to be unsettled. Therefore, you can bring the pet bed so that your companion can find a place to relax which smells like home. If this is not possible, you can bring other beddings such as pillows or blankets for the same effect. If there is music or sounds that your dog finds comforting, you can also bring it to alleviate anxiety.

Pack Standard Pet Food

While it might be exciting for you to try out new food during your holiday, this might not be the case for your dog. There are numerous food items which can cause gastrointestinal upset for the pet. These foods include onions, macadamia, chocolate and raisins. Also, some animals get sick after eating unfamiliar food, even when harmless. Therefore, you should pack some standard or regular food for your pet friendly holidays. Ideally, this should be in form of dehydrated items which can be mixed with water. Cooked or similar foods might spoil prematurely.

Remember Standard Accessories

There are some important accessories that you should remember to bring for the safety and comfort of your canine companion during your dog friendly holidays in theĀ UK. You should make certain that the pet has a good collar and that identification tags are securely attached. This is a critical asset in case you get separated from your pet. You should also carry a leash so that you can walk with your pet without worrying about accidents and separation. In addition, carry a chew toy or a favourite stuffed animal for entertainment.