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Lists rounding up the best attractions are naturally quite subjective, but for this one of the top 10 attractions in the UK I picked them out from the most popular by virtue of receiving the most visitors. The subjectivity comes into play through the fact that it’s still indeed my own list among the most frequented attractions by number. Fun for one traveller isn’t necessarily fun for another, so here goes…

British Museum

Well I had to kick things off with a museum, didn’t I? I mean is there a better way of coming away with any place’s cultural experience than to visit its museum? Situated in London’s Bloomsbury area, the British Museum is dedicated to the arts and culture as well as human history.

National Gallery

London appears to be the place to be again, this time featuring the National Gallery, which is another art museum in Central London’s Westminster. Founded all the way back in 1824, art lovers can look forward to catching sight of over 2,300  paintings which date back to the mid 13th century all the way to 1900.

Science Museum

Where are we again? You guessed it — London with yet another museum, but this time it’ a Science Museum — the Science Museum. 3,330,000 annual visitors can’t be wrong about this museum being a major attraction and its founding history goes all the way back to 1857.

Tower of London

Whatever your thoughts on the very existence of the Royal Family are, the fact is the history around Her Majesty is deeply enshrined in everything the United Kingdom embodies. So visit the Fortress of the Tower of London and Her Majesty’s Royal Palace, a historic castle situated on the River Thames’ north bank.

Library of Birmingham

Who lists a library as an attraction — as one of the top attractions on an entire island, right? Well the Library of Birmingham is more than just a library, featuring a resident cafe, a shop, a photo booth and the British Film Institute. Beyond that though, if a library offers tours then you know it’s more than just an ordinary library.

Edinburgh Castle

If you time your visit well, you can witness some of the prestigious events which take place at Edinburgh Castle, which are as random as they are exciting, like the launch of the J.K. Rowling’s sixth book in her Harry Potter series, New Year’s Day fireworks, etc. It’s otherwise a great historic fortress which offers great views of Edinburgh.

National Museum of Scotland

Fancy a treasure hunt in which you’ll enjoy an unfair advantage? Head on over to the National Museum of Scotland and witness some of the rarest treasures of all the ages, from the age of the dinosaurs to some of the technology yet to fully come into existence. You can essentially visit the ancient past, the present and the future at one venue.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Kew houses the Royal Botanic Gardens, the most famous botanic gardens in the world and it’s only half an hour from central London, which means you’re never too far away from that buzz you might be missing. Go on an expert-guided tour or just relax and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes, historic buildings, greenhouses, and the vast array of beautiful and rare plants.

Chester Zoo

Cheshire plays home to the Chester Zoo, which has a history dating back to 1931 when it was first opened. Spanning 125 acres, this is the United Kingdom’s largest zoological gardens, which means plenty of animals to see and lots to do.

Big Ben @ the House of Parliament

We go back to London’s Big Ben to round up the top attractions in the UK, officially named the Great Bell. Visit the Elizabeth Tower while you’re there (north end) and discover for yourself why all of these iconic landmarks of London were built in the first place.

Naturally I may have left out a few which you might add to the list, but again, if I was going solely on popularity by numbers, London would perhaps be the only featured destination and dare I say, I reckon the whole of the UK has more to offer than just London.