...... The 5 Best Cities to Grab a Pizza Slice - Frog in Well

Rome, Italy

No best-pizza-city list could ever be complete without one of Italy’s cities and this time around Rome comes in with some of the best pizza you’ll ever indulge in, anywhere. Quite ironically though, if you happen to find yourself in Rome and you make it quite clear that you’re in the mood for some “real” pizza, you might get a square piece of chewy, puffy pizza handed to you, which you can actually get just about anywhere. The tradition is in the taste rather than the presentation and there are plenty of different toppings to lay-into.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

You’d perhaps not be aware of this South American, southern hemisphere city being what is perhaps the mecca of pizza lovers and even non-pizza lovers until you’ve actually been. It would kind of make sense for Sao Paulo to be a super pizza paradise though, because pizza has become somewhat of a convenient, go-to food for when you want to grab a filling bite on the go and Sao Paulo is the biggest concrete jungle in the southern hemisphere buzzing with working class people. Get this though — the pizza joints in which you sit and eat take a bit of offence to pizza consumers who eat their pizza with their hands, so you best use a knife and fork….if you want…

Edmonton, Canada

Edmonton’s pizza scene makes for quite the gem if you enjoy a little bit of an old-school way of preparing and eating pizza, in an old-school setting. The pizzerias in Edmonton are rather generous with their toppings — toppings which I personally prefer to refer to as fillings. Whether it’s BBQ chicken, meatballs or even shrimp, you’ll definitely walk away having experienced some great tasting pizza with a completely satisfied tummy.

Las Vegas, USA

With the pizza offered in the city of sin it was initially all about convenience. You’d simply grab a bite in between all the partying and gambling, but Las Vegas is fast drawing a lot of top chefs from all around the world, many of whom offer pizza as their speciality. Ironically some of the best pizza offered in this part of the world is presented in more of a home-cooked style, so it tastes so much better. The portions are about as American as you can get, especially if you’re grabbing a quick gamblers’ snack from the casino buffets, otherwise the fine dining establishments also have some pizza which will have you wiggling your toes with every bite you take.

Naples, Italy

Known to be the birthplace of one of the world’s favourite foods, Naples is for somewhat of the pizza purist. The original Neapolitan crust is perhaps not for everybody with its soft, floppy crust baked in a wood-burning oven, but if you are indeed a pizza purist then go home to Naples for some of the best in traditional pizza. The toppings add a unique burst of flavour found nowhere else in the world as locally sourced, sweet tomatoes are used with some divine mozzarella cheese.