...... Timeless Fashion in Paris Explored - Frog in Well

You have arrived in exactly the right place if you are looking for the best spots in Paris to go shopping for timeless fashion. Keep on reading to find out where these little gems are.

Looking for Parisian style – Paris is known to be one of the most fashionable places in the world and with a long history of elegance and style being born here, it is no wonder that people flock here to get their timeless pieces. You can find your piece of Parisian history in one of the many vintage shops, and all at very affordable prices. Designer items from the past century are exactly the vintage fashion items that you will find in Paris.

Free P star – This is one of the most popular chains of thrift and vintage shops in Paris. Free P star often has long lines of people waiting to enter and you will understand when you finally make it through the doors. Daily deliveries of new items and bargain price tags are what make this such a special place. All that is and was popular can be found in this vintage thrift store.

Goldymama – This vintage boutique stocks the most fabulous items in immaculate condition. There is no shortage of the 1950’s poodle dresses and accessories here. Everyone will find the items here that they need to complete their vintage look.

Rose Bunker – This place is really packed to the brim with vintage treasures of all kinds. Here at Rose Bunker, you will not only find vintage clothes, but also a wide variety of jewellery and even vintage homeware. This is the spot to visit if you are looking for that specific vintage piece that you have not yet found. The chances of you finding that little treasure here are extremely high.

Vintage Bar – This is known as one of the best vintage shops in Paris and the place where you can pick up some excellent bargains on all items from the past. They stock a lovely selection of bags, shoes and other accessories as well. Reserve an afternoon to search through the many treasures at the Vintage Bar. If you are brave, you can go for the head to toe vintage look, otherwise you can find one or two pieces that allow you to make a specific statement.