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Greece, the cradle of modern civilization, has so many architectural marvels that you would always think that you run out of time to explore every aspect of the country. Acropolis in Athens is one of the structures that is considered as the symbol of Greece and has inspired so many architectural marvels across the globe that including it in your Europe package would ensure that you have seen a number of world’s renowned structures at one place. Three magnificent temples that date back to fifth century BC adorn the place with their own beauty. Parthenon is the one that is best known among them and its decoration of frieze would mesmerize you. At the foot of the Acropolis is the walkway called the Archaeological Promenade and it would take you to other magnificent structures of the city including Kerameikos, Roman Forum and Agora. A recent entry among the famed structures of Athens is Acropolis Museum and is designed in such a way that you can see the finds from the Acropolis in a distinct style. Moschophoros, Caryatids and Parthenon Marbles are some of the things you must see while being at the museum. The structure deserves inclusion in your Europe tour package.

Delphi is another Greek masterpiece that you must visit on your Europe tour. A declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, the structure is sacred since ancient days and Delphi Museum is also there nearby that can help you understand the significance of the structure. Meteora Monasteries are the structures that make you think of the human ingenuity when works in tandem with nature’s beauty create how splendid things. You need to climb a bit to reach to the monasteries and it takes some time to explore the monasteries. You need to allocate ample time in your Europe holiday package to visit the monasteries. Samaria Gorge is the area, the beauty of which would pull you towards itself without you noticing it. Situated on the island of Crete, the outdoor lover in you would pat you for the visit to the area. Nafplio is another azure beauty your senses won’t be able to resist and when you visit the place; calmness would inadvertently take over you.

It is Europe that has spawned its culture across the globe and to understand the history and culture of the world, you must explore Europe first. As for planning your hassle free trip, SOTC stands firmly with you.