...... What Season is Best for Traveling? - Frog in Well

There are many debates about which time of year is the best to take your vacation. Many different factors are involved in choosing the time of year to travel.  

Taking time off from work is one of the most significant factors, and if you are traveling with family, making sure that their time coincides with yours. If you have children, their school could be a significant consideration. Likewise, the type of trip you are seeking. If you are looking to take a much needed, relaxing beach vacation during the colder months, you may need to plan a southern trip to take advantage of the warm weather.  

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When Spring is approaching, many of us that live in cold winter locations are ready for some fun in the sun. The kids are almost out of school, and it is time to relax. Spring is an excellent time to vacation, but the downfall is the crowds. When you get the urge to travel, the chances are that many other people are feeling it too. This makes the beaches more crowded than if you went on a non-peak time.


Like Spring, Summer is a popular vacation season of choice. However, also like Spring, you will feel more of the crowds than any other time of year. The majority of families opt to vacation in the Summer because they have the freedom to bring their children without school restrictions. Many families make it a tradition to take a July vacation. If you plan a beach or tropical trip in the Summer, be prepared to pay higher rates for airfare and lodging than you would in other seasons.


Fall is one of our top picks for vacationing. If you time it just right, depending on your school district, you can squeeze the trip in before the children return to class. Fall is the perfect time to take a vacation touring different US cities because of the milder temperatures.  

This makes it pleasant for sight-seeing tours and more. A word of caution, if you are planning a trip to the Caribbean, it is hurricane season. If you are a weather gambler, you will enjoy much lower rates for hotels and can stretch your budget.


If you suffer from Winter depression, a Winter vacation may be just what the doctor ordered. A simple getaway to a warmer, sunnier climate can do wonders for your overall well being. If you live in colder, snowier weather, you may be more hesitant to travel in winter months.  You have a much higher probability of flight delays due to weather, which is an inconvenience. On the flip side, you will enjoy the lowest rates at many destinations. You should also be able to secure a low airfare as the planes are not as full as peak vacation times.